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Water Facts from Kennelli Springs

An interior shot of Kennelli Springs bottled water store in LeducBottled water from Kennelli Springs comes in three varieties:

Remember: All Kennelli Springs Water is Ozonated For Safety

Purified Bottled Water - What's in it For You?

WATER IS REFRESHING: Kennelli Springs removes impurities and ordors for a tasty ,healthy beverage.
WATER RE-HYDRATES YOUR BODY: Water balances your body chemistry. Your brain is 85% water, and your body is 70% water so this balance needs daily replenishment.
WATER IS A SOLVENT: Purified water safely flushes toxins and impurities from your body.
WATER IS A LUBRICANT: Water eases friction between body parts and lubricates joints to reduce pain.

The Crystal Mountain logo ensures Kennelli coolers are among the best available Kennelli Springs Also Sells Water Coolers

Visit our showroom to see all the colors, styles and features.


The Kennelli Springs Coolers Come Complete with a Warranty and 3 Free Fills!

Every cooler Kennelli sells comes with a warranty. Complete the warranty card and send to the manufacturer for product registration. This allows them to determine the manufacturing and purchase date of your cooler.

More Cooler Information

Coolers: hot & cold

Coolers: cook & cold

Crock Pots: these are a great idea for someone who wants to add to their décor. They hold 2 gallons of water in the crock pot, room temp. Water only. They can be sanitized as much as you wish. Selections vary.

Crock Pot Stands: made of wood, and sold in their natural color.

Crock Pot Lids: these are simply decorative for the crock pots. They are great if someone wants to use the crock pot for something other than water [lemonade, iced tea, etc].

Dolphin Water Pumps: these are a simple & affordable way to dispence water. They are simple to use, simply screw onto the bottle. [the whole cap has to off the bottle first]. Please be sure you inform people that they need to screw the pump onto the bottle and not to pull it off. If the pump is pulled off it will break and there is nothing we can do about it. Use the example: it screws on and off like a mayonnaise jar.

Cooler Cleaning Kits: this is a kit that comes with everything you need to properly sanitize your machine. This is a very affordable way and the step-by-step directions apply to almost all makes of water dispensers.

Stackables: these are great if you're short on space, as you can stack bottles. We recommended only stacking 2 high when storing 3 or 5 gallon bottles.

Kennelli features many more items in store. Stop by and see for yourself.

While you're here, head west to Happy Chappy Ice Cream and stock up on party eats and frosty treats!


"Our choice for years"
Kennelli Springs has been our choice for bottled water for years now , always guaranteed to be greeted with a smile and leave with a chuckle.

~ Al and Leanne S. (Leduc County)