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The Best Bottled Water in Leduc is at Kennelli Springs

Purified and natural spring water, accessories and more!

Water: for humans, it's what our bodies are mostly made of, which is why you often hear it said that "Water is Life". At Kennelli Springs, we understand the importance of drinking clean, crystal-clear water daily. Water offers amazing health benefits including:


Kennelli Springs - Bottled Water When You Want It

We are proud to offer:


Bottled water from Kennelli Springs: Today's Healthy Choice

Single clear waterfallSingle clear waterfallHours of Operation

Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturdays, Sundays and Stat Holidays CLOSED


24 Hour fill station is RO Water only and coin operated


3.8L (1 gallon)

7.6L (2 gallon)

11.34L (3 gallon)

18.9L (5 gallon)







"Our choice for years"
Kennelli Springs has been our choice for bottled water for years now , always guaranteed to be greeted with a smile and leave with a chuckle.

~ Al and Leanne S. (Leduc County)